It's time to tell our stories even if we never have before.

Amy Hallberg, Photo © GRAY DUCK STUDIOS

There are stories you're ready to write.

How do I know? Because you're here. Those stories are coming up to heal you — and none of us does it alone.

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Amy has endless patience when needed & tough love when needed. Life changing.

Kiki Kelley, Tales from a Bucket List Champ

German Awakening by Amy Hallberg, Photo by Patrick Maloney, Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Live into your authority.

Outwardly your story might look like:

A book. A podcast. A multimedia project.

But really it's a journey into the heart of your wisdom. Will you answer the call?

You can do this.

You don't have to do it alone.

I'm Amy Hallberg, German teacher, turned author of creative nonfiction.

And that was a story!

My spiritual writing journey continues, but I can be your guide.

I founded Courageous Wordsmith to share what I've learned, now as a skilled story mentor, editor, and certified master coach.

In addition, we have created a community to connect you with fellow writers.

At Courageous Wordsmith, we guide (emerging) creative writers through their narrative journeys — both shadows and light. 

We are not for everyone who wants to write.

  • We are Unapologetically Feminist.
  • We are LGBTQ-affirming.
  • We believe Black Lives Matter.
  • We respect Spirit + Humanity + Earth.
  • We are curious and open to revision.

Does this resonate with you? If so, we'll meet you where you are.

Writing your truth can feel scary. We'll help you look beyond the fear. This is also exciting.

What if you show up and something wonderful happens?

You name it. We'll shine a light.

Amy is the Empress of ReVisioning.
Susan, Pastor & Fiction Writer

Amy Hallberg's Note to Self Cards, Photo © GRAY DUCK STUDIOS

I provide tools and guidance to write stories that matter to you.

Amy gave me a frame that I can use to see my stories, and myself, differently.
Ray, Master Coach & Nature's Wingman

How can Amy help you?