Writing (at heart) is active translation, the practice of breathing life into words.

German word masters taught me to read and listen on many levels:

Stories are maps through the forest.
The best stories show us what’s possible.


We ALL have those stories in us.

I’m Amy Hallberg.

Master certified life coach. Multilingual writing mentor. Story whisperer. Quicksilver mind & intuitive heart.

I help frustrated creatives get CLEAR.

A project is calling your name. You’d love to create it, if only you could begin. The vision exists out on the horizon. Emotions run strong. And you’re overthinking your story.

What does this make possible?

Or—you dream of a creative practice. Your heart says it matters. You can’t figure out why you’re stuck. If only you could find the right words.

Enter Quicksilver Mastery Coaching and Wordsmithing Services. I can help you simplify. What’s your purpose and why does it matter? I’ll mirror the essence of your unique callings — we all have our personal brilliance.

How do we access our brilliance?

That moment when something speaks to your heart—breathe into the energy of those shiny objects.

  • A whisper of maybe. 
  • The absolute knowing of yes.
  • Or even an absolute no.

What’s your treasure showing you?

This isn’t just a project. When we tap into our purpose, pure love prisms through us. Stuck patterns shift. Solutions appear. And magic ensues.

Amy is the Empress of ReVisioning.

–Susan, Pastor & Fiction Writer

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