Reading (at heart) is active translation, the practice of breathing life into words.

German word masters showed me a new way to read.

Language maps a path and shapes the stories we tell. Our stories, however, live through us.

We carry them forward. We provide meaning. Always.

Our best stories show us what's possible.

It’s a matter of seeing what was present all along. I’ve spent a lifetime learning how.

That moment when something speaks to your heart —

Breathe into the energy of those shiny objects.

  • A whisper of maybe. 
  • The absolute knowing of yes.
  • Or even an absolute no.

What’s your treasure showing you?

This ritual guided me while I wrote German Awakening, inspired by (of all things!) literary heroes. Language lovers and story tellers. Muses called and I followed. Writing into a truer version of myself. But nobody does it alone.

Fellow creatives can witness the journey like nobody else. We listen along the path and keep walking. We access guidance together. That’s the service I offer my people. Sanctuary space for creation. Perspective to move forward.

We are ALL so much more than we imagine. When we tap into our purpose, love prisms through us.

I shine a light.


I’m Amy Hallberg, Author.

Master Certified Life Coach. Multilingual Writing Mentor. Quicksilver Story Whisperer.

I help frustrated creatives get CLEAR. You can CONNECT to your brilliance. If this speaks to you (or even if it scares you a little), remember you’re called to CREATE. I can help you map your path.

I believe we ALL have wisdom to share. We’ll start wherever you are. Because this is YOUR story.

You can breathe life into words.

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Amy is the Empress of ReVisioning.

–Susan, Pastor & Fiction Writer

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