Story (at heart) is active translation, the practice of breathing life into words.

German poets showed me a new way to read.

We all have blind spots. Stories mirror the patterns that shape us, both wisdom and pain. But we’re the ones who carry tales forward. And we can revise them.

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Nobody tells your story like you.

You know that Book inside you? The Big Creative Calling that scares you a little? (A lot?) What is that thing you dream of? The thing you may NEVER do?

Because REASONS …

Except you can’t reason this away. You may not yet know the shape of your Calling. You know it exists.

Isn’t that why you’re here?

Your story matters.

Pleased to meet you. I’m Frau Amy Hallberg, Author & Book Whisperer. Master Certified Life Coach. And yes, skilled Wordsmith and language teacher. I read on many levels.

I can help you get CLEAR.

Look again. Let your eyes adjust. I know (been there often) the courage it takes. Remember, there’s gold in reframing your stories. Give yourself permission.

You name it. I’ll shine a light.

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Amy is the Empress of ReVisioning.

–Susan, Pastor & Fiction Writer

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