Words can lead us home to ourselves.


Award-Winning Author, Podcaster, Story Mentor & Certified Master Coach.

And yes, Wordsmith.

How do we listen to our Muses, and how does that practice change us?

That’s the question I pose in Courageous Wordsmith Podcast, which features conversation with real-life creatives. I explore variations on this theme in my memoir / novel, German Awakening: Tales from an American Life.

My clients and I trace similar threads for their books / podcasts / multimedia projects / everyday lives.

This work centers on:

HONESTY (self-expression that leads us home to ourselves).

CURIOSITY (asking questions without attachment to outcome).

CREATIVITY (simple habits and tools to move forward).

CONNECTION (meaning through cross-pollination).

COMPASSION (kind witness and sanctuary space).

I call what I do Story Mentorship. At heart, I’m a developmental editor with the sensibilities of a translator, teacher, and life coach. I’ll help you create (and publish, if you feel called to it) quality work. We’ll get there.


I believe our stories speak to us first, as Creatives, to access wisdom and healing. From there, our voices can change the world.

(And they will. Yes, yours too.)

Welcome to Courageous Wordsmith.


*** I will donate $1 to the ACLU for each copy of German Awakening purchased through this website. Thank you for helping me support human dignity. ***

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Amy is the Empress of ReVisioning.
Susan, Pastor & Fiction Writer

I’m pretty sure you’re one of my people.

You’re here. Which may simply mean you like stories… OR…

Somewhere inside you, there’s an inkling. You hear muses — Your Muses — whisper. You know.

There’s a Book inside you. A Podcast. Or other Creative Calling.

(Will you listen? What story is yours alone to tell?)

Your Muses will keep calling, no matter your reasons why not. Nevermind the certainty with which you insist you have nothing to say, not now, maybe never.

Even if your story actually matters… (Hint: Yes, it does.) I hear you asking how you could possibly be a Creative?

It’s your choice. Always. However.

If you WERE NOT a Creative spirit, would you really protest so much?

Ask me how I know.

I always knew I had Books inside me. Still… somewhere during college, I made the choice to be REASONable.* And gave up my Book Writing Dream. Forever.

* Reason 1: Other People were far better writers. Apparently one must arrive on this earth a good writer?! Harrumph.

* Reason 2: I had “nothing to write about,” not even my visit to both sides of the Berlin Wall. Because the Wall fell. Germany reunited. Happily Ever After. The End. (Ahem…)

Alas, I could recite a long list of items I declared I would never do, all of which happened. Every Creative tells similar stories.


I learned that lesson when my life fell apart (all over the place) and I (FINALLY!) let myself write.

Here’s my book to prove it.

German Awakening: Tales from an American Life won the 2019 Independent Publisher Book Award, Bronze for Best Midwest Nonfiction.

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The perfect story for right now.

Sarah Bamford Seidelmann, Swimming with Elephants

Today I am an author. I want this for you.

Except, you know, your version. That Creative Voice you can’t reason away? What if you (let yourself) listen and Something Wonderful happens?

What if you don’t? Will you regret it? Remember: It’s your choice. Always.

And. Nobody walks this path alone. Nobody.

Here’s how it happens.

It took ten years to write my book. (Or thirty. How are we counting?) It arrived, exactly on time. Because someone… many someones… saw my promise, nudged me forward as a writer, and showed me I had something to write.

We Creatives do that for each other. We’ve been there (often). We get it. We decide to show up.

Will you join us? It’s time.

Look, this is personal. Mine isn’t just any book, and neither is yours. Let me show you what I see.

You name it. I’ll shine a light.


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