Story (at heart) is active translation, the practice of breathing life into words.

German poets showed me a new way to read.

We all have blind spots. Stories mirror the patterns that shape us, both wisdom and pain. But we’re the ones who carry tales forward. And we can revise them.

The best stories show us what's possible. We ALL have those stories within us.


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I’m Frau Amy Hallberg.

Author. Master Certified Life Coach. Creativity & Writing Mentor.

I can help you get CLEAR.

You know that Book inside you? The CALLING that scares you a little? (A lot?) The raw urge to Paint. Or make Music. Or Dance. What is that thing you dream of? The thing you may NEVER do? Because REASONS…

Look again. Let your eyes adjust. I know (been there often) the courage it takes. Remember, there’s gold in reframing your story. Give yourself permission.

You name it. I’ll shine a light.

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Amy is the Empress of ReVisioning.

–Susan, Pastor & Fiction Writer

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In 2009, this book tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Start writing." I'm grateful to my teenage self from 1987 (an exchange student in West Germany) for leaving breadcrumbs.

Who knew that on its release in 2018, we Americans would face so many echoes of Germany's past (& our own)?

That a coming of age memoir about a bookish American girl and who grew up to be a German teacher would weave so many relevant threads? This is my life's unlikely and eerily precise path.

(Mein Lebenslauf. I'm not even German. But what a mirror!)

I'm talking belonging and otherness. Lost childhood. Displacement. Finding home.

Above all, it's my ode to a treasured friendship and people I love. Always.

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