Breathing Life into Words

I believe that the best stories show us what’s possible. And we all have those stories within us.

Simple. Accessible. Meaningful.

I'm Amy Hallberg, Master Certified Life Coach & Writing Mentor. And I'm a Story Whisperer, known for my quicksilver mind and intuitive heart. As a practicing creative, I infuse my real life with magic and my magic with real life.

Translation: Teaching German (and Spanish) refined my instincts for reading connections and shining a light.

Here's how that helps you:

A project is calling. You have a story to tell. It matters so much you can't get moving. Emotions run deep. Enter Quicksilver Mastery. I help frustrated creatives get CLEAR. I can help you mine your wisdom, face resistance, and take real steps to CREATE inspired solutions.

For 1:1 writing guidance, consider Word Magic Mentorship. Join me for a deep dive into your writing. Learn tools to shape raw material into polished narratives. Embrace the mystery. (And your story.) CONNECT to your best practice. Live into stories you LOVE.

And it goes so far beyond. If you're a creative (or wish to be) and want to play in my world, take a look at my board below. There's magic to share, with more in the works. If this speaks to you, sign up for my mailing list and I'll keep you posted.

(Psst: I don't like a barrage of overlong emails either. I promise to pace myself. You can too. Remember? Real. Life.)

No matter where you find yourself, you can move forward. I'll shine a light.

Amy is the Empress of ReVisioning.

–Susan, Pastor & Fiction Writer

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