2 — Story Mentorship 1:1

You've found your story. Now write in a way that feels true.
Amy @ Courageous Wordsmith


Are you ready to navigate your big creative project?

Do you wonder what works in pieces you’ve written and how to develop them in the context of a wider purpose? Want reading from experienced eyes?

How about a skilled mentor who knows your project and is committed to nurturing you along with it?

I’ll show you what I see and clear ways to shape your narratives. This is dedicated work, with lots of surprises, and I won’t deny it. You know it’s a long journey too.

But we’ll create a reliable path forward.

1 — You send me work to review before each call.

2 — We discuss what we see there, and your intentions, including what you may not have considered.

3 — You revise your writing and send it for comments.

With my handwritten notes and a video to talk you through them, I can show you how to improve a specific piece of work, identify patterns, and empower you as a creative writer going forward.

I’ll point out gems, potential places to unpack, and quick edits you could make right away. And you will build solid skills. I’ll make sure of it.

Get started here.

Meanwhile, questions I ask often resonate at many levels. You may surprise yourself with threads you discover as a result.

And if you’re wondering whether a story has promise, we’ll go there too.

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This is tender work. May I help?

Can I be honest? Even when you (think you know) exactly what you want to write, the truest stories are tender.

Story Mentorship is not just about those mountaintop moments when the story arrives, the heavens open up, and you hear the choirs singing. (Oh, wait! It’s you.)

You may also experience very-real-feeling moments of anticipatory vulnerability where you stare at the screen and wonder whether you’ll ever write again.

But you will.

And in fact, nothing — no, really, nothing — is wasted. It’s all about allowing that discomfort and putting it into context. Because even strong discomfort is strong information. 

From there we can move into and through painful stories with small steps. Likely you’ll find you can tell the story a whole new way.

And we’ll get very clear on your purpose for writing.

(Does this ring true for you?)

This is why we will discuss all work in calls (except your first piece to get us going) before I provide written and video reviews on your revisions.

More importantly, we’ll revisit the question of how you’ll capture (and release) the story that you truly want to tell. Over and over and over again.

I’m with you for the long haul.

And I’m rooting for you.

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Amy @ Courageous Wordsmith