3 — Read & Revision 1:1

The draft is written. It's time to re-vision and shine.
Amy @ Courageous Wordsmith


What happens when you’ve finished writing the draft, but it’s not ready yet?

The pieces are there, waiting to come together as a whole. You’ve done plenty of work already. You could use skilled eyes on your project to move you forward into your book’s final phases.

The guidance I provide is tailored to you and your vision.

After we talk, I will read your whole book*, as it currently stands.

I will review it in great depth.

And then we’ll talk again.

(*Book is shorthand for your big narrative project. Because each project is different, services will vary. While I won’t arrange for or guarantee publication, I can pave the way to a quality product, with solid know-how to guide you.)

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What’s present in your work? What’s possible now?

I read on many levels, within and across chapters, taking space to let the work echo out, and returning with additional insights. Energetically, I’m present.

So you get not only my best instincts but also my focused attention, expertise, and comprehensive discernment.

We’re talking big picture, tiny details, and while we’re at it, grammar edits, and proofreading as I pass by. I invest major energy in you and your work.

Our goal is to bring this project to completion, polish it for release, and start to leverage its strengths on your (emerging) platform.

Depending on your interest and scope of the project, this map stands on its own as a complete service that lays out clear steps to take independently, OR we can continue together.

Either way, I’ll provide a solid review.

This service can save you considerable effort and time.

Get started here.

Meanwhile, you’ll likely discover treasures right below the service that were waiting for you to reveal them.

And I will help you bring them out for a beautiful final project.

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Amy @ Courageous Wordsmith