I’m Amy Hallberg.

Award-Winning Author. Podcaster. Story Mentor & Certified Master Coach.

Polyglot Treasure Seeker.

(Meaning I seek gems in many tongues.)

In German my last name means Soundmountain. To be clear, I’m not German. I fell in love with the language of wordsmiths who painted their landscapes with words upon words.

(The original “Hellberg” means Brightmountain. But that’s a story for another time…)

Growing up speaking English, I frequently got into trouble. I read and listened too closely, freely telling truths I shouldn’t have known. Often with spooky precision.

And—as they told me—I talked to hear the sound of my voice. Who doesn’t love the cadence of words?

Ah, but there are RULES. Do you know them? In time, I mastered the lessons of SHOULD, applying them with precision as well.

Like the Ugly Duckling, longing to fit in, I learned to keep my nature in check. To limit my wordplay to “foreign” tongues. I taught language in high school for years—first German, then Spanish—slowly unlocking their grammarly secrets.

Here’s what I know:

All of life is an act of translation. And scripting yourself by what others expect? That’s the most foreign language of all.

The thing is, I was never a duck—or even a swan. I was more of a raven. Vividly mysterious, hiding in shadows as well as plain sight. And as with Poe’s vocal hero, there came a point when I said, “Nevermore.

Because I always liked Poe, and the bird had a point. Stories we keep hidden in darkness yearn to come out and be heard.

Nevermore would I deny my wordsmithing nature, as expressed through my first love, English.

And so I began to write—encouraged by kindred spirits, guided by mentors. They lovingly told me my grammar was nice. They also kept asking me—where was my heart?

There’s a telltale void, when a story doesn’t ring true. My voice was buried beneath all those rules. I’ve chosen to enjoy the mystery of words.

It’s an ongoing practice—becoming aware of agreements—choosing only the guidance that serves. In art and real life.

Are you ready to hear—and know—your true voice?

I still read and listen on many levels. I’ll shine a light for you.

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Welcome to my world.