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Coaching for Real-Life Creatives

When you're stuck in a pattern and trying to untangle your mind, Amy is excellent at helping sort through whatever you're bringing to the table.
Jen, Music Teacher & Textile Artist

Something is calling you. You have a story to live into. Maybe a book? Something else? You’re not sure what’s holding you back. Your heart says this matters. You feel it in your bones.

What does this make possible?

I help frustrated creatives get CLEAR.

Quicksilver Mastery Coaching gets to the heart of things fast. Maybe we’ll meander, but I see you. I hear you. I reflect that back: your wisdom emerging, no matter what’s calling you.

That’s the Quicksilver.

Once we know what we’re looking at, we slow down — really slow down — to be present in that moment. That’s how we’ll locate the root of your challenge. Your shadows that reveal light.

That’s where we’ll CONNECT to your story.

From there, we’ll map out simple steps forward. This may include a focus on writing; it doesn’t have to. We’ll seek your best ways of expressing yourself, as an artist, integrated with your real life.

That’s the path to Mastery.



Quicksilver Mastery goes far beyond.

To be clear, I’m not an editor — or a translator — though I have the credentials. I’m a working author who guides fellow creatives throughout their discovery process — short and long term.

(Are you a creative? If this speaks to you, then you are.)

We ALL have blind spots. Sometimes we miss important details. Or the gems. Good thing we don’t have to navigate alone.

We’ll move ever deeper into your story. We’ll gather tools for where you are now. Sometimes we’ll lean on mindset coaching to release what comes up. I know this is YOUR story. Your wisdom.

I know it’s your time to CREATE.

That makes me a reliable ally.


I nurture creative expression.

Our exchanges center on YOU. Your life. Your best practice. Work that comes through you.

If you’re one of my people, you’re drawn to create . . . something. You might not know yet what’s calling, but you’re spirited enough to listen. By nature, you think deeply and feel deeply. You want to align with a higher purpose.

You’re bringing your version of brilliance into the world. We’ll tap into your dreams and bring them forth. What that looks like is up to you.

Sound like a fit?

Read on for details.

Amy is the Empress of ReVision.
Susan, Pastor & Fiction Writer

Amy has literally changed my life.
Kiki, Editor & Multimedia Artist

Amy is the Real Deal.
Jillian Rae, Musician & Songwriter


    1:1 sessions start at $150. In our Discovery Call, we’ll envision a package FOR YOU.

  • Content Mapping

    4 sessions within 4 months or sooner. Map your current landscape, with action steps and accountability.

  • Creative Mentorship

    12+ sessions within 6 months. Includes Voxer text / voice support. (Billed monthly.) I’ll witness your journey and offer tailored guidance. This may include reading notes and coordinate mapping from inklings to final proofs.

  • Collective Magic

    Seed your own collaborative community. I’ll help you shape flexible systems and best practices for your unique group.

Amy gets creatives. She speaks our language and gets what we do. She quickly boiled down 30 years of experience into 3 points I can use in all my marketing. That's good wordsmithing!
Jennifer, Graphic Designer

I needed to fine tune a piece of writing for my mom's memorial service. Amy took time to sit with me. She helped me shape my thoughts and feelings into a much shorter and far more eloquent piece.
Christi, Interior Designer

I knew I would succeed in medical school and my story was my ticket to acceptance. Amy asked questions I didn't think were pertinent. They turned out to be critical to my purpose.
Eryn, Medical Resident

Amy's enthusiasm, wit, and freakishly perceptive antennae make her a perfect fit for this role.
Katherine, Neuropsychologist & Author

Amy has a good heart for people. She knows when to push, when to back off, and when to change course. Her first priority is always what's the best way to work with this person, and what's going to help the most.
Candice, Guidance Counselor

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