Courageous Wordsmith Community for Creatives

Draft. Currently in Beta. Next enrollment: February 2019.

This is for the courageous writer, ready to dive deep.

Bring your writing practice to life in this sanctuary space. Shape inklings into powerful work through patient cross-pollination with other creatives.

Start by showing up. Share works in progress in small groups—from 11 word musings up to 1,100 drafted words per week. We’ll muck around and mine writing for gems. Nurture your ongoing practice, build accountability, and focus on learning your craft. These small steps make up a much bigger landscape that you’ll navigate over time.

Showcase polished pieces and play in your cohort’s larger (but still cozy) community Garden. But don’t be mistaken: this is play with a purpose. It’s all about creatives sharing common ground.

Once you complete the initial six-month Membership, you can choose to renew annually for as long as it serves your work.

You’re called to that work for a reason—which we’ll explore.

Follow your true lines.

I provide straightforward guidance on writing, in community with kindred spirits, using reliable resources. We won’t fix your writing or interpret your story for you. I’d far prefer we show you what we see—so you grow as an artist.

  • Align your content and message.
  • Develop thematic imagery.
  • Polish your pacing and language.
  • Let your true voice shine.
  • Navigate your path.

I’ll always offer my honest impressions.

The story is always yours.

Read on for the details.


  • Writing Review & Resources

    Learn to offer effective writing comments that honor the writer. Receive detailed notes on your work from writing peers and me. More resources forthcoming.

  • Idea Party Calls

    Live video calls centered around your stories and practice. Surprises will emerge out of nowhere.

  • Reliable Witnesses

    Ongoing conversations to share insights, support, and celebration. Let the synergies flow!


Katherine, Neuropsychologist

Amy’s enthusiasm, wit, and freakishly perceptive antennae make her a perfect fit for this role.

Candice, Guidance Counselor

Amy has a good heart for people. She knows when to push, when to back off, and when to change course. Her first priority is always what’s the best way to work with this person, and what’s going to help the most.