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HELLO. I'm Amy.

I can help you become the author you're meant to be.

I guide creative people through the narrative journey to write and release beautiful books.

And really, we're seeding your life as a writer.

Amy @ Courageous Wordsmith
Amy has a beautiful way of highlighting what’s good while at the same time gently pointing me in the direction to grow as a writer.
Mary, Mind / Body / Nutrition Coach

Dear Creative Writer,

If you’ve always wanted to write a book, it’s time to start.

And if you've already started, it's time to keep walking.

I can help you find and make sense of your stories, release the pain around tender topics, and shape your work into beautiful writing. You’ve kept some stories hidden, but you know they belong in the world.

Let's find their language and shape.

And these authentic stories will become the book(s) and other projects that your audience and you will love.

First and foremost, we’ll create safe space for you to explore. And then we'll design blueprints to carry you forward, with room to grow into your book while you write.

Now I don’t promise it will always be easy, but you have some things going for you: You already feel the call to write and you’re probably good at expressing yourself, even if you haven't written much yet—or as much as you’d like.

I'll meet you where you are, so that we can envision the writing practice that sets you up for your goals.

This is not just any book, after all. This is your pilgrimage.

I'll help you start writing, and show you how to nurture your project long after our work together is done.

On the other side of this journey, there’s a beautiful book, and so much more. You'll know how to access your voice as a writer, and why it matters to you.

It’s all waiting for you to claim it. Can you feel it?

Let’s go.

Amy's enthusiasm, wit, and freakishly perceptive antennae make her perfect for this role.
Katherine Quie, Neuropsychologist, Author of Raising Will & Founder of ADHD&U

When you're stuck in a pattern and trying to untangle your mind, Amy is excellent at helping sort through whatever you're bringing to the table.
Jen, Music Teacher & Textile Artist

Live into Your Authority.

Before we start our work together, I'll ask you to share a piece of writing so that I can get a read on your style, knowledge, and strengths.

We'll keep our eyes open for skills you want to develop and books you admire, so that we can unpack your version of narrative craft, specifically for this book's journey.

Consider me a linguistic archaeologist. I can help you see what's right in front of you, so that you can take next steps.

We'll consider which stories serve your book and how they fit together, so that you can gather momentum. We'll build your toolkit and resources, so that you can trust your instincts on the path ahead.

We'll learn, more and more, why it matters.


  • People who want to write and publish books fast
  • People who get impatient with the work of wordsmithing
  • People who aren't willing to question their stories

If you see yourself in the above list, there are plenty of people who can help you write your book. You won't find many like me.


  • People who value quality and want to write like an artisan
  • People who see writing as a path to meaning and growth
  • People who dream of a book in their portfolio

If we're on the same page, then I can't wait to start.

How will I know if we're a good fit? You recognize a good story and know the power of telling it well. You'd like to pull yours together as a compelling whole, the first in your portfolio or an exciting new direction. You want help finding connections to usher your writing into the world.

I customize my work to every client. Sometimes we'll dig into a chapter; other times we'll look at overarching threads, or ponder one tiny aspect.

My job is to help you stay in the mystery long enough to discover what wants to come through. And you'll learn how you want to write it.

You may not get to the end of your book after six or twelve months of working with me, depending on where you start. But with this investment—on both our parts—you'll have a clear pathway to finish your book.

And I'll still be here for questions after that. Because it matters that you bring your story into the world.

You're writing a beautiful book that your audience—and you—will love.

Beyond that, I'm going to set you on this writing journey for as long as you care to be on it. It's going to change your life. That's the investment you're making.

You'll know how to translate this work to future projects.

And you'll know yourself as a creative writer.

Come walk with me.

Amy's ability to observe life while it's in process is a very special, uncommon gift.
Keri Mangis, Author of Embodying Soul

Amy has a good heart for people. She knows when to push, when to back off, and when to change course. Her first priority is always what's the best way to work with this person, and what's going to help the most.
Candice, Guidance Counselor

We won't fret about Oxford commas.

Don't get me wrong. I'll choose Oxford commas every time.

I have my own voice and style, with unique markers of where I come from. So do you.

Let's make room for that.

People who work with me are likely to care about punctuation. We want to get our grammar and words right. We're likely to jump ahead and proofread too soon, and miss out on the best treasures.

Thanks to my time teaching high school German—and later Spanish—I'll take a holistic approach. When we fixate on every detail up front, we miss the point of writing our stories, which is to express deeper meaning using language solutions.

And there are many ways to do that.

Maybe you're at the very beginning. Maybe you've started but could use help moving forward. Or you're ready to revise a draft and want to talk things through.

I can help you find your stories and skills, wherever you are.


  • 1 call a month for 6 or 12 months
  • Extended 1st call to envision your book
  • Portal to a resource library curated for you
  • Text & email support between calls for accountability
  • BONUS Translate Your Life Toolkit: Courageous Wordsmith Journal & Note to Self Cards

Because this work is personal to you, your resource library will evolve for your needs, to include your working hypothesis, field notes, storyboards, cast of characters, and style guides, plus meant-for-you writing guidance.

No matter where you find yourself, together we can locate the threads.

We'll look closer at what’s going on. We can process tender content without having to fix what happened. You can capture energetic truth.

When you're ready, you'll release your stories for the audience who needs to read them.

This is what I help writers do.

I can tell when people have stories waiting inside them, and I'm good at reflecting the glimmers. I can help you gather and frame yours.

You have a beautiful book to write and share.

There’s no better time.

Let's talk.

Amy is the real deal.
Jillian Rae, Musician & Songwriter