Story Mentor


Master Coach & Developmental Editor

When you're stuck in a pattern and trying to untangle your mind, Amy is excellent at helping sort through whatever you're bringing to the table.
Jen, Music Teacher & Textile Artist

You know that Book / Podcast / Multimedia Project in you? Your Big Creative Calling? That Dream you may never realize because reasons?

(Up to and including: Your life / project isn’t working the way you’d like. Life / creative transitions. Healing to do. And let’s be honest, do you really have a story to tell? It’s complicated…)

Except you can’t reason this away. You’ve tried.

So now you’re ready to start. Ready to face the truth and admit what you know in your heart. 

You have patterns to heal and brilliance to share. 


Amy is the real deal.
Jillian Rae, Musician & Songwriter

Let’s see what’s there. I see you too.

How am I different from any other writing professional?

With me, you get a Story Mentor versed in narrative craft and expert guidance on wordsmithing. (If / when you’re ready.)


You get a Certified Master Coach as your compassionate witness.


You get a multilingual editor / curator / writer who sees possibility everywhere. I delight in playing with options.

Amy has a beautiful way of highlighting what’s good while at the same time gently pointing me in the direction to grow as a writer.
Mary, Mind / Body / Nutrition Coach

I’ll pose questions that guide us to your story at your pace.

This is all about your experience. Your wisdom. Your voice.

From there your work can radiate out. If you like.

Your stories don’t ever have to become public for us to explore them. They arise from a part of you that wants to be heard. Acknowledged. We’ll make sense of your words, so you can release them in your way.

Connect to your brilliance. Take real steps forward.

Interested in exploring? Read on.

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Amy's enthusiasm, wit, and freakishly perceptive antennae make her a perfect fit for this role.
Katherine, Neuropsychologist & Author

I get it like nobody’s business.

Wondering if there’s a story, yes or no? We’ll put that question to rest.

As the published author of an award-winning memoir, now a podcaster, I’ve openly shared my life’s path. I know that journey firsthand.

This is personal.

Mine isn’t just any project, and neither is yours.

I know the emotions that come through us when we put our true selves on the page. And I know how to create sacred spaces, with writing habits to honor that process.

Amy gets creatives. She speaks our language and gets what we do. She quickly boiled down 30 years of experience into 3 points I can use in all my marketing. That's good wordsmithing!
Jennifer, Graphic Designer

So. If this is speaking to you, let’s talk.

(More to the point, you talk. I’ll listen.)

Schedule a FREE Strategy Call & Reading. If it feels like a fit, we’ll explore ways to work together.

I needed to fine tune a piece of writing for my mom's memorial service. Amy took time to sit with me. She helped me shape my thoughts and feelings into a much shorter and far more eloquent piece.
Christi, Interior Designer

Want to make a big impact, fast?

Let’s envision what your creative project looks and sounds like.

Understand your next steps now. We look at the big picture, find your sacred ground, and create a flexible framework.

First you’ll complete a writing exercise to prepare us both.

From there, we’ll share a recorded call to explore your content, structure, and purpose. Plus we’ll look at your practice and next steps forward.

Afterwards, submit up to 2200 words for my notes, audio review & personalized style-guide template. I’ll offer specific suggestions, based on what I know about your strengths, your project, and your intentions.

That’s Creative Project Development.

This single session stands on its own. Prepare to move forward with clarity on your story and style, themes and truelines.

I knew I would succeed in medical school and my story was my ticket to acceptance. Amy asked questions I didn't think were pertinent. They turned out to be critical to my purpose.
Eryn, Medical Doctor

Why Story Mentorship?

Consider it hybrid life coaching / creativity & writing collaboration with your personal developmental editor / master coach / curator.

Who adores playing with stories, loves words, and believes in you.

That’s Story Mentorship. Want to meet weekly? Monthly? Quarterly?

You decide. Your stories — your project — will guide us.

Each package includes four Creative Project Development sessions — the same process and attention to you and your work, tiny details and big picture — but more flexible and cumulative over time.

Amy has literally changed my life. She's an amazing teacher, question asker, meaning maker, story whisperer. Her point is, we all have stories.

Kiki, Editor, Podcaster & Multimedia Artist

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Story Mentorship is for you if:

  • There’s a book in you. (Maybe something else.) This work will be tender. You don’t want to overthink it.
  • You want to heal your stories, yourself, and your world as you write. You want to partner with someone who gets that.
  • You want to build your wisdom and skill at many levels so your beautiful book / podcast / artwork can shine.
  • You’re committing to a writing practice. You could use gentle but spot-on expertise from someone who knows her craft.
  • Ultimately you want to write from your most authentic voice.

I’ll witness and reflect your truth, at your pace.

Amy is the Empress of ReVision.
Susan, Pastor & Fiction Writer

Story Mentorship is also for you if:

  • You’re in a time of transition.
  • You’re making sense of family patterns and stories.
  • You’re processing big emotions, and possibly grieving.
  • You need space to share things in confidence, uncensored.
  • You want support, not someone to fix you or your life.

Lucky for you, I’m an excellent life coach.

Want custom editing options?

As an author, I know this transformative journey firsthand. Yours isn’t just any story. This is all about your voice. Your wisdom unfolding.

It’s my honor to shine a light.

Amy has a good heart for people. She knows when to push, when to back off, and when to change course. Her first priority is always what's the best way to work with this person, and what's going to help the most.
Candice, Guidance Counselor