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Available October 3, 2018.

What you see on the news may feel unique and terrifying. But it's not.

These are painful PATTERNS.

You can’t see them unless you study the past or you have a guide to show you.

I’m Frau Amy and my life was forever changed when I became an exchange student in West Germany in 1987. That might sound ancient or irrelevant but it’s not. Mine is an eerily resonant story with important lessons for today.

My journey showed the bravery required in extraordinary times. I’ve traced the path in my memoir, German Awakening: Tales from an American Life.

This book offers German lessons in healing.

I am scared people will think I am using the awful news happening right now to benefit.

I am MORE scared that the people meant to read this story and be motivated to new courage won’t find it. And I’m honoring my literary heroes who risked far more.

So here I am, scared but ready. Ready to serve you with lessons of wisdom, courage, and hope.

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If you’d like to support this work in the world, I am looking for passionate people to host me on their podcasts, interview me for their book clubs, and spread these important words.

My whole life led me to release this book at this moment in time. You can help me carry its message into the world.

For every copy of German Awakening I sell, I will donate a portion of my proceeds to support the well-being of immigrant children in America.

Because we non-Native peoples are all children of immigrants. We women — and men — are all more than one thing.

And we’re ALL in this together.

October 4: Launch Party & Gallery Show

Ivy Arts Building
2637 - 27th Ave. Studio #230
Minneapolis, MN 55406
6:30-8:30 pm, 7:00 reading

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Sarah, Working Mom of 3

So well written I had a hard time putting it down. I went through so many emotions. Amy has given the world a wonderful gift in her writing.

Candice, Guidance Counselor

Amy has a good heart for people. She knows when to push, when to back off, and when to change course. Her first priority is always what’s the best way to work with this person, and what’s going to help the most.