How are Pilgrims like Podcasts?

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I first began ordering business cards around the time that I decided I would—someday (!)—build a life more centered on my God-given gifts as a Wordsmith. Among vague services listed (“Writing, Editing, Consulting. Personal statements. German and Spanish translation,” plus the now-defunct One Foot in Front of the Other on BlogSpot), I included this enigmatic gem in bold font: Insightful narratives.

Nobody knew what that meant, and I couldn’t explain, but it felt essential.

That was February 2011. I would teach high school for an additional five years and print up eight versions of business cards I’d never hand out. When at last I hired a brand developer, the name “Insightful Narratives” disappeared.  I dubbed myself Courageous Wordsmith. Because quitting a tenured teaching job midyear to write feels daunting for oh-so-many reasons. Thus my constant reminder: Courageous.

And after all, “Insightful” is a bold claim to make for yourself. And “Narr” means fool in German. But I digress. Anyway, this name went underground, only to reemerge last month.

See, there’s this podcast that’s been calling for months. I’ve been thinking about how we—as creatives—are pilgrims walking our paths. And I’m remembering Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, which I read in my one college English lit class. Back then, I missed the point and felt idiotic, which is how I became a German major. We still studied a literary canon, but in a language even more foreign than Middle English, foolishness was expected. That lightened my load.

What I remember about the Canterbury Tales is that these characters—pilgrims from all walks of life—met on the road and shared their backstories, keeping company for a while. And those tales were amusing, and showed that nobody had it all together. People started walking.

And by example, encouraged each other.

That idea led to an epiphany. Insightful Narratives is my podcast—conversations with and for creatives who dare to show up for their dreams—or dream of daring to show up someday.

So far, I’ve recorded two episodes. Cory Busse’s talking about his book-in-progress (Werewolves meet Healthcare!) and Jillian Rae’s a multitalented singer-violinist-songwriter whose music is played on The Current. (I’m friends with an actual Rockstar!) I’m super excited, with more on the way. (Including one with my writing partner KQ, and an extra special one where KQ will interview ME closer to my book’s release.)

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This podcast comes out late spring/early summer. You can join my list at for updates. (I promise not to flood your inbox. I’m not a fan of emails for emails’ sake.)

I think you’ll want to hear this. I’ll keep you posted.

With love,


P.S. If I were to invite YOU as a guest on Insightful Narratives—someday!—what (secret or not-so-hidden) creative calling would we showcase?

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