Quicksilver Mastery


Coaching for Creatives

A project is calling. You have a story to tell. Is it a book? Something else? What if you jumpstart your creative practice and find out?

I help frustrated creatives get CLEAR.

Quicksilver Mastery Coaching gets to the heart of things fast. Maybe we’ll meander, but I see you. I hear you. I reflect that back: your wisdom emerging, no matter what’s calling you.

That’s the Quicksilver.

Once we know what we’re looking at, we slow down — really slow down — to be present in that moment. In that space. That’s how we’ll locate the root of your challenge. Your shadows that reveal light.

That’s where we’ll CONNECT to your story.

From there, we’ll map out simple steps forward. This may include a focus on writing; it doesn’t have to. We’ll seek your best ways of expressing yourself, as an artist, integrated with your real life.

That’s the path to Mastery.



Quicksilver Mastery goes far beyond.

To be clear, I’m not an editor — or a translator — though I have the credentials. I’m a working writer who guides fellow creatives throughout their discovery process — short term and on a large scale.

(Are you a creative? If this speaks to you, then you are.)

We ALL have blind spots. Sometimes we miss important details. Or the gems. Good thing we don’t have to navigate alone.

We’ll move ever deeper into your story. We’ll gather tools for where you are now. Sometimes we’ll lean on life coaching around what comes up. I know this is YOUR story. Your wisdom.

I know it’s your time to CREATE.

That makes me a reliable ally.


I nurture creative expression.

Our exchanges center on YOU. Your life. Your best practice. Work that comes through you.

If you’re one of my people, you’re drawn to create . . . something. You might not know yet what’s calling, but you’re spirited enough to listen. By nature, you think deeply and choose to honor your feelings.

You’re bringing your version of brilliance into the world. We’ll help it take shape and tap into your dreams.

Sound like a fit? Click on the link below to explore.

If this feels meant to be, we’ll draft a plan and start walking.

Is Quicksilver Mastery for you? Read on for details.

  • Coaching Calls

    $150 per call. The core of my practice. 1:1 phone conversations with optional recording link and follow-up notes.


  • Follow-Up Text Support

    Send questions and updates as answers unfold.

  • VIP Story Mapping

    Full- or half-day intensive sessions. In person only. Map your big idea, book, framework, you name it. Plus accountability steps.

  • Reading Comments

    Detailed notes on your writing, integrated with coaching conversations, from inklings to final proofs.


Jennifer, Graphic Designer

Amy gets creatives. She speaks our language and gets what we do. She quickly boiled down 30 years of experience into 3 points I can use in all my marketing. That’s good wordsmithing!

Christi, Interior Designer

I needed to fine tune a piece of writing for my mom’s memorial service. Amy helped me shape my thoughts and feelings into a much shorter and far more eloquent piece.

Eryn, Medical Resident

Amy asked questions that turned out to be critical to my purpose. I knew I would succeed in medical school. My story was my ticket to acceptance.