Quicksilver Mastery


Coaching for Creatives

Maybe a project is calling your name. You’d love to create it, but you can’t get your mind in gear. Your heart tells you it matters.

What’s possible here?

Or—maybe you dream of a creative practice. It feels delicious. Where to start?

Quicksilver Mastery coaching moves into the heart of things. From this centered place, I help frustrated creatives get CLEAR. Together we face resistance and tap into those callings. 

This is not just a project. This is about your best life.

Once you know your purpose and why it matters, stuck patterns shift. Things become simple. Solutions appear. And you can move forward—into your dreams.

Simple. Accessible. Meaningful.

At $95 each, Mastery Coaching Calls go a long way. Feel free to send short writing as food for thought. Or simply show up and we’ll talk.


Choose my Mastery Workshop Plan for $440. Together we’ll locate the map for your big idea, chapter, series, framework, installation . . . you name it.

Read on for the Workshop Plan details . . .


  • Coaching Calls

    Four phone conversations. Within this protected space, we can get to the heart of things fast. I’ll send a recording link or my follow-up notes so answers can keep unfolding.

  • Inspiration Mapping

    Share glimmers of insight, signs that resonate, and writing to explore together, up to 4,400 words over four sessions. Create the map for your vision. I’ll shine a light.

  • Ongoing Guidance

    Send me questions and insights. Because—remember—answers unfold.


Jennifer, Graphic Designer

When I met Amy, I hit the motherlode. She gets creatives. She speaks our language and gets to the crux of what we do. She quickly boiled down 30 years of experience into 3 points I can use in all my marketing. That’s good wordsmithing!

Christi, Interior Designer

I needed to fine tune a piece of writing for my mom’s memorial service. Amy helped me shape my thoughts and feelings into a much shorter and far more eloquent piece.

Eryn, Medical Resident

I knew I would succeed in medical school. My story was my ticket to acceptance. Amy asked questions that turned out to be critical to my purpose.