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It’s time for your story.

In Courageous Wordsmith Circles, I bring together emerging writers to capture our big narrative arcs so that in sharing our experience with the world, we can:

  • get clear on the stories we tell ourselves and share publicly;
  • move forward from raw inklings to inspired work;
  • and ultimately, tap into wisdom and healing through a writing process, supported by a small circle of fellow creatives.

I know the longing to be a writer. I know how creative partnerships matter. Most of all I know that my book (and other big projects) would not exist without sanctuary space, compassionate witness, and cross-pollination.

Mine isn’t any story and neither is yours.

Now I’m offering back the best of what I’ve experienced, with the eye of a skilled editor, master coach, and language teacher known for nurturing cooperative groups. The next Courageous Wordsmith Circle opens its doors in June 2020.

This is sanctuary space as designed by an award-winning author, skilled wordsmith, longtime language teacher, and empathic master coach who wants to help you connect with your muses, your way.


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Even when I get busy, I don't feel like I'm behind, and that keeps me writing, even if in small spurts. Writing is always on my mind, if not quite my pen, but I do get to the page and I'm grateful.
Fawn, Middle School Teacher


An incredible opportunity.

It's so fun working with Amy. She's an amazing teacher, question asker, meaning maker, story whisperer. The whole point is, we all have stories.

Kiki, Podcaster, Tales from a Bucket List Champ

You will receive:

—A FREE 30-minute strategy session before you commit. Let’s see if we’re a good fit AND identify kinds of stories you might tell.

—8 Facilitated Idea Party Zoom Calls with fellow writers to unpack stories, each at your own pace. These introductory months establish a sustainable writing circle within the larger community. We’ll focus on practicing craft, creativity habits, and skills to support writing peers.

—Private space to share your work for cross-pollination and commentary. Enjoy accountability, companionship, and reliable insights. Nurture your work with trusted fellow creatives who honor YOUR story and pace.

  • Share short pieces (2-500 words) as often as weekly.
  • Share longer work (up to 1200 words) up to once monthly.

—A full year of writing prompts, craft guidance, practice-building habits, and tools that honor YOU, shared by real-life creatives.

—Ongoing companionship that nurtures YOUR CREATIVE SPIRIT, not just your work. Explore your authentic practice and let it evolve. This is neither a sprint nor a marathon. It’s a pilgrimage.

You don’t have to share perfect writing. You do have to be willing to show up with courage.

We understand.

Grow with your writing

Amy has a beautiful way of highlighting what's good while at the same time gently pointing me in the direction to grow as a writer.
Mary, Mind / Body / Nutrition Coach

This is a $1200+ value. (I’ve paid FAR more for similar groups.)

But I want to make it easy to say yes.

$440 for one year or $37 / month.

Pay in full and get a FREE Creative Project Development session.

Reserve your spot by May and I’ll send you my Note to Self Cards and Wordsmith Journal as thanks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Amy has a good heart for people. She knows when to push, when to back off, and when to change course. Her first priority is always what's the best way to work with this person, and what's going to help the most.

Candice, High School Guidance Counselor

Do I have to have a book started to join?

No! We'll explore possible topics in our strategy session, if you like, but this is a place for discovery. Even if you haven't written a thing, you're welcome. All you need is a willingness to write and show up.

What about spelling or punctuation?

In late stage revisions, we'll catch those errors. (Especially if you ask). But this is about exploring content and story structure first, not line editing.

What if people disagree with my topic?

We may well disagree with opinions, but this is not a space for debate. Your writing is yours. As long as we remain focused on the work shared, we can communicate how we receive it. Respectful boundaries are required for continued membership.

Can I submit revised work?

Please take time to absorb responses, rather than fix and send pieces back right away. But YES, revision is part of the process.

What if I only share writing once a month?

That's your decision. Please come to the community to check in and comment on other writers' posts as you can. The more you see their works in progress, the more ideas you'll have for your own.

More questions? Let me know.

Amy's enthusiasm, wit, and freakishly perceptive antennae make her a perfect fit for this role.

Katherine, Neuropsychologist & Author, Raising Will

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